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Saturday April 19, 2014

In Store Color Matching - Spectrophotometers and Accutinters

At McCormick Paints we pride ourselves in being color experts.  All McCormick Paints store employees are trained color specialists and are ready to assist you in achieving color excellence.  McCormick Paints uses cutting edge equipment at every store location to give our customers the color guidance, quality, and precision they require.

Spectrophotometers read colors

Spectrophotometers (the "Color Eye") read colors from inspiration pieces and competitive color samples to generate the exact color formula, allowing our Professional staff to translate your color into any McCormick Paints product.

  • Allows color matching from many items (cloth, plant leaves, paper, etc.)
  • Ability to match competitive colors
  • Stored competitive color fandecks
  • Color correction capabilities
  • Any size can be produced
  • Any McCormick Paints product can be used
  • Same day turn around for color matches
  • Color formulas are kept on fileColor formulas are kept on file for years and years, and can be shared among all McCormick Paints stores

Accutinters translate paint color formulas into precise color proportions to make sure the paint is tinted to the exact color approved by the customer. 

  • Accurate to within 1/384th of an ounce
  • Quick dispense time of 5 sec/gallon or 20 sec/5 gallon
  • Ability to store thousands of custom color formulas
  • Excellent consistency
  • Color formulas are kept on file and can be shared among all McCormick Paints stores

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