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Sunday April 20, 2014

McCormick Color Cards

In addition to our Spectrum 1320 color system, we have developed colors exclusive to McCormick Paints. These colors have been researched, developed, and color tested in order to offer you additional color choices. These colors are showcased on the following McCormick Paints color cards: Exterior Color Collection, Interior Color Collection, Color Canvas, and Industrial Color Systems Selections.

Although our color cards change every few years, past colors are always available.

Exterior Color Collection Interior Color Collection
  • Colonial color choices
    • represent authentic colors from our nation's first years
    • factory mixed for ultimate color retention (includes Richmond 233)
    • in stock at all McCormick Paints store locations (includes Richmond 233)
  • Chesapeake color choices
    • inspired by the Mid-Atlantic region and showcase the area's rich history and modern style
    • contain our fade resistant formula
    • mixed quickly at the time of purchase
  • Colonial and Chesapeake colors are available in 2 finishes - Lustre and Flat
  • McCormick Paints feature exterior product is State House
  • 49 feature colors including 5 factory mixed whites that are in stock at all McCormick Paints store locations
  • Interior colors are available in 6 finishes - Flat, Matte, Low-Sheen, Eggshell, Semi-Gloss, and High-Gloss
  • 7 color categories allow easy identification of color ranges
  • McCormick Paints feature interior products are GenerationXR and Tempo

While viewing our color system on line, please note that the colors on your monitor are an approximation of paint color. For an accurate representation of color, visit a McCormick Paints store to view color chips or consult a McCormick Paints fandeck. Contact us at info@mccormickpaints.com or 301.770.3235 with specific color questions.


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