Career FAQ’s

Q: How should I apply for a position with McCormick Paints?

A: You can view our list of Career Opportunities on our website. Once you find a position of interest that has current openings, click on Apply Online Today to submit your job application online. You can also obtain an Employment Application at any of our 29 retail locations.

Q: Will you contact me regarding the status of my application?

A: Given the quantity of resumes we receive, unfortunately we are not able to contact people individually with specific feedback. However, you will receive an automated e-mail response acknowledging receipt of your application. No phone calls please!!

Q: What is the typical timeframe when you do call an applicant of interest?

A: Most of the time, applicants will hear from us within a week if we feel they might be a fit for a particular position. However, there may be times when it takes a little longer due to significantly greater workloads.

Q: How often should I reapply?

A: Generally, we recommend reapplying every 6 months unless you are interested in applying for a different position.

Q: How long will my resume be kept on file?

A: If we feel your experience and skill set are a fit, but we don’t have any current openings, your resume will remain active for 6 months.

Q: If I am not authorized to work in the United States, can I still apply for a position with McCormick Paints?

A: Because the requirements and process for obtaining work visas are so complicated and difficult, unfortunately we would not be able to support someone who is not already authorized to work in the United States.