• Gloss Finish
  • Oil Resistant
  • Stock & Custom Colors
  • High Hiding
  • Quarts Only

If you’re looking for a high quality lead free interior/exterior gloss alkyd enamel to coat your metal surfaces, McCormick Paints COTE-ALL is your best choice. COTE-ALL is modified with polyurethane resin for increased durability. COTE-ALL provides better gloss, color retention, and durability than conventional alkyds when exposed to light chemical environments.



  • Low Odor / Low VOC
  • Quick Drying  –  Saves Time
  • Resistant to Chalking and Blistering
  • Excellent Coverage

VAULT BLACK is one of our specialty coatings, providing a durable exterior coating designed for multiple surfaces requiring a breathable, resilient coating. Vault Black is also formulated to be particularly compatible with the preparation of concrete vaults, allowing surfaces to expel moisture, preserving the integrity of the vault construction. Vault Black provides a consistently uniform semi-gloss finish that can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed on.  Clean-up is easy by simply using soap and water. Designed to exceed current environmental regulations, Vault Black delivers the perfect coating for exterior applications requiring a uniform black coating.


McCormick Paints now supplies Ennis-Flint Low VOC Solvent Based Traffic Paint in white and yellow, a user-friendly, fast drying product. This solvent-based traffic paint is formulated for use on streets and highways, local roads, parking lots, and private properties. To learn more about this product, visit the Ennis-Flint website.