Benefits of Top Quality Paint

When it comes to painting their house, many people tend to purchase low quality paint. Compromising on the quality of paint can damage the interior and exterior of your house in the long run. Top quality paint is manufactured using high quality components.

Paint consists of three major components: Pigments that provides the required color to paint, resin that ensures its adhesion to surfaces, and solvent that assists in applying the paint on any surface. Let’s look at the factors that differentiate high quality paint from low quality paint.

1.     Improved Adhesion

Unlike low quality paints, manufacturers use fine 100% acrylic latex in high quality paints. The better the resin, the easier it will be for paint to stick to the surface. It can last for years or even decades. Low quality paint comes out easily and you have to redo the paint job after a short time.

2.     Maintenance

The maintenance of high quality paints is an easy task. It doesn’t absorb dirt or grime, due to which you can easily clean it. However, if there are some stubborn hand-prints or dirt marks on the surface, it is recommended to use a cloth instead of a brush to avoid damaging the paint. You can do some touch-ups with high quality paint to restore faded paint. It goes unnoticed due to smooth application.

3.     Appearance

High quality paint has a better appearance than low quality paints. It is thicker in consistency due to which you can easily apply it on a surface. You can conveniently apply even coats, since it is less likely to leave behind brush marks.

4.     Lesser Efforts

Applying high quality paint on a wall requires significantly lesser time and efforts. It does a better job in fewer coats than low quality paint. Therefore, you do not need to spend more time and amount on getting the paint job done right.

5.     Mold Resistance

Mold often grows in homes due to moisture. The quality of paint also plays a vital role in resisting its growth. High quality paint not only looks good and prevents mold growth but also assists in maintaining the structure of your house.

6.     Block Resistant

When you apply low quality paint on doors or windows, they often stick to frames. On the other hand, high quality paints have better block resistance. They don’t cause any sticking. Therefore, you can apply them on any surface.

7.     Lesser Splatter

High quality paint is thicker, due to which you can easily apply it. The thickness also ensures that flecks of paint do not flow away. It creates lesser mess and therefore, the paint job requires lesser efforts.

8.     Better Results

Top quality paint gives better results, no matter which surface you apply it on. It also maintains its color despite scrubbing for removal of stains.