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Sunday April 20, 2014

History of McCormick Paints

McCormick Paints has a rich and unique history. Founded by Thomas P. McCormick over 45 years ago, McCormick Paints has become a well known leading manufacturer in the paint industry. As a family owned business, we are able to give our customers the personalized attention they require.

McCormick Paints Milestones *click images for larger views:
1955: Thomas P. McCormick joins sales team of Devoe Reynolds Company, New York
1957: Tom McCormickTom McCormick joins his father's paint distribution company, McCormick and Son, in Washington DC
1959: McCormick successTom McCormick decides the future success of McCormick and Son is in paint manufacturing and places an ad in the local Baltimore newspaper for a chemist to assist him.
1959: English chemist Gordon Allison joins McCormick as head chemist
1959: McCormick and Allison begin to manufacture paint under the name McCormick Paint Works Company starting in a small metal building in Bethesda, MD
1960: McCormick Paint Works Company is incorporated and McCormick's father joins the business. For the next few years McCormick and Allison manufacture paint in the mornings to be sold in the afternoons. At this time, the daily batches are between 100 and 200 gallons. The product is an interior paint simply called: McCormick Paint.

Tom McCormick and Gordon AllisonMcCormick and Allison grow McCormick Paints over the next few years with a combination of excellent manufacturing and sales abilities. In the early years as McCormick Paints grows in volume and name recognition, color cards and official paint can labels are incorporated into their selling strategy. The first color cards are hand made by McCormick family members.
1967: As the company grows, Tom McCormick builds the current headquarters location in Rockville, Maryland, and includes a store front in the lobby.
1967: Jim Hennessy joins McCormick Paints as Vice President of Sales and is a major contributor to further impressive company growth.
1974: After working as the consulting CPA for McCormick Paints for 4 years, Yamna Stanger joins the company as Controller. Stanger is instrumental in solidifying and strengthening the financial foundation of McCormick Paints for the next 30 years.
1978: McCormick Paints opens second storeMcCormick Paints opens second store in Springfield, VA.

At this time, McCormick Paints is one of about 13 paint companies in the Mid Atlantic region. The rate of growth experienced by McCormick Paints at this time is exceptional. The longevity of McCormick Paints is evident in the fact that only 2 of the original 13 paint companies of the Mid Atlantic region remain in business today.
1980-1989: McCormick Paints experiences growthMcCormick Paints experiences growth unlike any other regional paint manufacturer. Focus on home builders, property management, painting contractors, and custom painters produces record sales during this time.
1989: automated manufacturing plantMcCormick in Frederick20,000 square foot automated manufacturing plant is built in Frederick, Maryland.
1990: McCormick Paints continues to growMcCormick Paints continues to grow in professional painting market segments and puts additional focus on architects, interior designers, home owner associations, and retail.
1990: Yamna Stanger is named CFO, Secretary / Treasurer and is appointed as a Board member.
1991: McCormick Paints now has 15 stores throughout the Mid Atlantic region.
1994: 30,000 square foot distributiondistribution center is added to Frederick30,000 square foot distribution center is added to Frederick, Maryland manufacturing plant.
1999: McCormick Paints now has 20 stores throughout the Mid Atlantic region.
2000: Tom McCormick becomes CEO, after over 40 years of running the daily operations of the company. McCormick names Casey McCormick President of McCormick Paints.
2004: Gordon Allison retiresGordon Allison retires after 45 years of working side by side with Tom McCormick.
(Gordon Allison at left, Tom McCormick to right)
2005: McCormick Paints now has 25 stores throughout the Mid Atlantic region.
2008: McCormick Paints receives the GREEN WISE certificationMcCormick Paints receives the GREEN WISECM certification from Coatings Research Group, Inc. This certification applies to McCormick products that meet or exceed environmentally determined testing standards and are environmentally preferred over traditional paints and coatings.
McCormick Paints Commitment to Community

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