3 Free Tools to Help You Choose Paint Color

When it’s time to choose paint colors for your project or home, it’s often difficult to know where to begin. Many paint manufacturers offer pint or quart sized wet-samples of paint for a small cost, which is a great way to test out colors once you’ve narrowed it down to a few choices. But when you have an endless amount of colors to choose from in the beginning of the decision process, it’s better to turn to some of the free tools available to you before asking your local paint store to tint those wet samples.

If you’re looking for an economical and eco-friendly way to help you choose paint colors, these free tools are available when you are ready to discover your perfect paint colors.

Paint Chips

Paint chips, paper samples of a paint color, are a great tool for beginning the color selection process.  You can pick up paint chips at any McCormick Paints store, and they’re available free of cost in 1320 colors. Select a few (or several!) colors that appeal to you, and bring them to the location you’ve selected for a face lift. Whether it’s an office building, apartment complex, commercial space or your home, having these tangible chips of colors is a great way for you to look at colors in the actual light of your room.  With chips in hand you can match colors to your furnishings and décor and determine the best direction for your color scheme. McCormicks Paints’ larger color chips are 3” x 4.25”, and are sized to give you a good view of each color, but are easy to work with.


Color Cards

If the thought of shopping through 1320 color options is a little overwhelming to you, then start by grabbing a Color Card brochure.  Our color experts have carefully preselected beautiful color palettes for our Color Card brochures. This makes it easier for you to narrow down your choices as our color cards highlight many of the trendy, traditional and most popular paint colors.  Available for free in all McCormick Paints Stores, you can find an Interior Color Card and an Exterior Color Card, which also demonstrates some popular color combinations for exterior body, trim and door colors.  McCormick Paints recently introduced an Off-Whites & Neutrals Color Card, a helpful tool for determining the underlying colors in your neutral choices.  Color Cards are free at any McCormick Paints location and can also be viewed online. Keep in mind, viewing colors online is a great way to get an idea of the paint color, but it’s best to view the actual color chips or color cards for better color accuracy before making your final decision.


Online Color Visualizer

So you selected some colors based off the paint chips and color cards. Now you want to envision what that small block of color painted on a wall, an entire room, or the exterior of your building, will look like. Our online Color Visualizer is your next step.  This free tool is an effective and easy way to experiment with McCormick Paints colors.  Visit the McCormick Paints website and click on Color Visualizer. You have the option of uploading photos from your own work site or you can select from the gallery of photos provided.  Next, click on the area that you would like to virtually paint, and then select from the 1320 McCormick Paints colors you’d like to see. You can alter your online project as many times as you’d like to experiment with countless possibilities, and like the other color tools mentioned, this is also free to use.


Once completed, you can print or email your finished picture to present you masterpiece for all to see!