Fall Seasonal Color Poll Results Announced

Orange is the New Black: Spiced Carrot Voted the Fall Seasonal Favorite Paint Color

The color orange is commonly associated with the fall season through its connection with iconic fall elements like pumpkins and Jack-O-lanterns, changing leaf colors, and even some Thanksgiving foods. It’s no wonder that, Spiced Carrot (0052), a subtler variation of this classic fall color, has been voted this year’s Fall Seasonal Favorite Color.


McCormick Paints’ Seasonal Color Poll for fall 2014 opened for voting in mid-September, and website visitors were asked to select their favorite fall paint color based on the four choices highlighted from the McCormick Paints Color Is system. This color system contains an array of 1320 colors, so McCormick’s color consultant, Liz Stone, narrowed down the selection to four paint colors appropriate for the fall season.  The poll closed last week on October 30, 2014 and we’re excited to announce the voting results!


As you can see, Spiced Carrot took the lead with 35.8% of the votes. But not too far behind was runner-up, Smoky Tone (0541).  It’s not surprising that Smoky Tone finished with such a high percentage of votes as gray paint colors are very popular right now. But, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Spiced Carrot may have been voted the most popular choice.


Spiced Carrot is a rich yet subtle orange. Orange paint colors can take on many different hues depending on the undertones used in that color. With some reds and browns present in Spiced Carrot, this color is perfectly toned down enough to not appear too bright or overbearing.

Aside from being the quintessential color of the fall season, the color orange has several positive emotional effects associated with it.  You can explore the research and psychology of the color orange and its meaning by checking out color expert Kate Smith’s article All About the Color Orange.


Orange has a certain energy and friendliness about it that can warm up any room. With a name like Spiced Carrot, this winning paint color does just that – spices up the aura of any room in your house.  This is one reason that orange-based paint colors, like Spiced Carrot, make a great color choice for a family room or living room, adding warmth as you gather to spend time with family and friends. Spiced Carrot can be used to paint an entire room to give an extra cozy feel. Or it’s a great choice for an accent wall color, drawing some extra attention and energy to a focal point, like the fireplace.

Variations of the color orange are also known to create social vibes and stimulate the appetite. Spiced Carrot would be a fitting choice for the walls of your dining room or kitchen where meals are prepared and shared, and guests are entertained.



If you are interested in trying out Spiced Carrot in your own home, please visit any of the McCormick Paints locations now through November 20, 2014 for your chance to receive a free quart sample.  Each store will be giving away up to 5 free quart samples of the winning paint color, Spiced Carrot, formulated in our premium REVO Paint + Primer in One (choice of flat or eggshell finish). The first 5 customers per store will receive a free quart; limit 1 quart per customer while supplies last.