Proper Airless Spraying Techniques for Best Results

Airless paint sprayers are a convenient tool when working with large areas requiring high volumes of paint and a smooth, uniform finish. Many painting contractors rely on airless sprayers for their efficiency and speed that’s necessary in large-scale projects. For painting contractors, time is money, and airless paint sprayers can get the job done a lot more quickly than a brush or roller. Airless sprayers work by applying high pressure through a hose, then dispersing the coating through the spray gun and tip, and applying it to the surface in a fan-shaped pattern.

Using the proper spraying technique is critical in achieving a high quality, uniform finish. Whether you’re a painting contractor, builder or homeowner, follow these tips for proper airless spraying techniques to help ensure a quality end result.

1)      Start by holding the spray gun 12 inches from the surface being sprayed. Be sure to keep it straight at all times.

2)      Move the spray gun parallel to the work.  Do not swing your wrist or arm into an arc. This will result in an uneven finish.


3)     Move the spray gun at a steady rate applying a full wet coat with each stroke.  The wet coat should be just under the thickness that a run or sag will occur.

4)     Trigger the spray gun after the arm movement has started, and release the trigger before the gun movement ends.  Gun movement is always longer than the actual paint spray stroke.


5)      The spray gun should be aimed so that the tip points to the edge of the previous stroke, overlapping each stroke by 50%.  Spray with uniform strokes moving the gun up or down or from side to side. Maintain stroke speed, distance, lapping, and triggering as constant and uniform as possible.

6)      When spraying corners the gun should be aimed into the corner, spraying along the corner versus spraying back and forth across the corner.

Following these techniques will not only help you spray more efficiently, but you’ll notice that the end result is smoother and more flawless. If you still have questions on the best techniques for airless sprayers, contact the McCormick Paints Spray Department at (301) 770-9783.  The McCormick Paints Spray Department is an authorized service and warranty repair center, and offers a full line of electric airless sprayers, gas airless sprayers, pressure washers and specialty sprayers.