Snowglory Voted the Winter 2015 Seasonal Paint Color

Although our friends in other areas of the country might not be associating the word “glory” with “snow” right now, the Mid-Atlantic has spoken. McCormick Paints’ Snowglory is the Winter 2015 Seasonal Paint Color Winner!

McCormick Paints’ Winter 2015 Seasonal Color Poll opened for voting in December, and website visitors were asked to select their favorite winter paint color based on the four choices selected by McCormick’s color consultant, Liz Stone. The Seasonal Color Poll highlights four paint colors from the McCormick Paints Color Is collection, a comprehensive array of 1320 colors, beautifully displayed in each McCormick Paints store. The Seasonal Color Poll is an interactive way to get acquainted with just a few of the most popular, trending color choices on a seasonal basis. This is the third Seasonal Color Poll conducted by McCormick Paints, a feature on the McCormick Paints website that is gaining popularity. The poll closed last week on January 30, 2015 and we’re excited to announce the voting results! Here is how you voted:

Seasonal Color Poll Results: Winter 2015


Snowglory had the most votes taking 39.5%, with Mirrored Willow, an organic green, coming in a close second with 31.6% of the votes.

Why Snowglory?

Perhaps the season-appropriate name helped sway voters to choose Snowglory as the Winter 2015 Seasonal Favorite Paint Color!  It is no surprise that a gray shade was the winner of the Winter 2015 color poll as the extensive family of grays continue to be a popular pick for interior design.  Snowglory is a trendy yet subtle gray. Its soft hues make it an excellent alternative to the more traditional beiges that have for so long been used as neutral backdrops.

Aside from its newly dominant position in the design world, the color gray is naturally associated with sophistication and wisdom making it an appropriate color choice for those looking for a classic neutral wall color or accent. You can learn more about the color meaning and psychology behind the color gray by exploring color expert Kate Smith’s article All About the Color Gray.

Painting With Snowglory

One of gray’s best features is its versatility. Snowglory, due to its light shade, could really be used in any room throughout the house. It is subtle enough to be a neutral background color creating a consistent look and feel throughout an entire floor plan. Or choose a specific room and give that space a more sophisticated, modern feel.


Snowglory creates a sense of consistent serenity as the backdrop throughout this open floor plan.


Here, Snowglory distinguishes the walls of this separate room, giving it a more modern and urban feel.

Redeem Your Free Paint Sample

Do you want to see how Snowglory looks in your own home or job site? Then be sure to visit any of the McCormick Paints locations now through February 27, 2015 for your free quart sample.  Each store will be giving away up to 5 free quart samples of the winning paint color, Snowglory, formulated in our premium REVO Paint + Primer in One (choice of flat or eggshell finish). The first 5 customers per store will receive a free quart; limit 1 quart per customer while supplies last.