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Easy to Use Chalk Style Paint

What is Chalk Style Paint? Chalk Style Paint is typically used for painting furniture of all kinds. Its opaque coverage and endless pigment make it the ideal choice for antique pieces that are in need of a fresh look. It’s easy to apply to surfaces including wood, metal and concrete. Chalk style paint turns even your biggest projects into simple weekend to-dos.

Magnolia Chalk Style Paint is available in 44 gorgeous colors. A sampling of Joanna’s top 25 colors is featured below.


Market Collection Colors

Americana Egg

Antique Rose


Carter Creme


Duke Gray

Ella Rose

Emmie’s Room

Garden Trowel



Magnolia Green

Olive Grove

One Horne White

Rainy Days


Silverado Sage

Sir Drake

Soft Landing

Sunday Stroll

True White

Vine Ripened Tomato

Weathered Windmill

Wedding Band