Color-Contrasting for the Best Curb-Side Appeal

According to the real estate agent referral website HomeGain, a fresh coat of exterior paint has a return on investment of 51%. Choosing the right colors can have an even more profound effect. A recent survey showed that homes with black doors sold for an average of $6,000, more than expected. As a custom builder or property manager, you want to increase property values as much as possible, and exterior painting is a great way to do it. So, go with eye-pleasing colors with contrasting accents and pops of color. Here are our recommendations to create unmatched curb appeal.

Use color to increase curb appeal

First impressions are important and you want your properties to pique interest upon first glance. We recommend:

Curb Appeal, Exterior Colors | Exterior Siding: Newport 119; Trim and Pillars: Super White 100;
Door and Shutters: Black 200

  • Traditional black and white. Nothing has more contrast than black and white. This classic, refined look offers timeless appeal. If it’s an off white house, add some visual interest with accents of charcoal or black. The front door is the main focus that should be painted, but don’t forget about shutters, if there are any. Making them stand out with a coat of black paint lends more interest to windows.

Curb Appeal, Exterior Colors | Exterior Siding: Smokey Pewter 470; Trim: Super White 100; Door:
Blood Moon 141

  • Different shades of the same color with a primary pop. A good way to break up the color palette of the house and prevent it from looking too uniform is to use different shades of similar colors. Then, finish it off with a pop of a primary color. For example, use a light shade of grey for most of the house, but a darker shade of grey on prominent areas (such as protruding sections). A bold red for the door would provide more contrast and instantly draw the eye to the entrance.

Curb Appeal, Exterior Colors | Exterior Siding: Clarendon 147; Trim: Newport 119; Door and
Shutters: Deep Forest Brown 224 

  • Earth tones. This strays away from more traditional approaches. Choosing earth tones such as forest greens for the majority of the house and Deep Forest Brown 224 accents offer a more natural style. It’s pleasant to look at and promotes feelings of serenity and calm. This is especially good for allotments with wooded areas, or for homes that incorporate natural elements such as stone into their aesthetic.

Curb Appeal, Exterior Colors | Exterior Siding: Kingston Clay 120; Trim and Windows: Colonial
White 118; Shutters and Doors: Berryville 142 

  • Neutrals with hits of contrast. Another classic look is having the bulk of the exterior a neutral color. Neutrals such as shades of beige, off-whites, cool grays and the like look fantastic as the base color. They aren’t the most exciting colors in the world, but that’s why you punch it up with the addition of color hits for trim and shutters. Use bolder options such as strong reds or burgundy. Just be careful not to go overboard, and the home will look fantastic.

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