How Paint Delivery is Saving Companies Money & Time

In the world of a painting contractor, time is money. Every hour wasted adds up to longer jobs, meaning extra expenses and less profit for your business. Have you ever been on a job and realized there wasn’t enough paint to finish it?

That’s not a good feeling, not even for non-contractors. For you, it means sending a worker or two to the paint store to purchase the necessary materials while the rest of your crew does what they can to stay busy. Unsurprisingly, painters have to be painting to be productive. When they’re waiting around, it can significantly eat into the profit margin.

For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average construction and maintenance painter earns nearly $19 an hour. If you have a five-man crew that has to stop work for merely an hour awaiting a paint refill, that means you’ve paid out nearly $100 while the job made no progress.

If you find yourself in that unfortunate situation relatively often, or if you’re in an area where good painters cost more than average, the damages add up quickly. With our new program, we hope to alleviate the problems that the common issue causes. Paint Dash program.

McCormick Paints is proud to introduce an exciting new service for the painting contractor community. It’s called “Paint Dash,” our paint-delivery service. It’s meant to eliminate those panic-stricken runs to the paint store while in the middle of a job. Highlights of the program include:

  • Free delivery. Get paints and other supplies by the end of the day when ordered before noon. Typical wait times are just a couple of hours, so order when you notice your supplies are dwindling.
  • No minimum. Have a single can or an entire palette of paint delivered without charge. We respect each situation you find yourself in and don’t want to force unnecessary purchases. Get only what you absolutely need.
  • Easy ordering. Place your order on our website, over the phone or by email. All credit cards are accepted and a helpful representative is only a phone call away if you have questions or concerns.
  • Wide availability. Paint Dash is available within a radius of all 27 McCormick Paints stores. We operate in three states and Washington, D.C.
  • Fantastic product. Get the same high-quality McCormick products needed to do the job right. Whether you need paint, primer, coatings, brushes, rollers, sprayers or a long list of other sundries, it can be delivered to your site the same day. So, even if you have plenty of paint but need other supplies, you still don’t have to stop working to get them.

McCormick Paints has been serving its many communities for more than 60 years. We offer high-quality paint products and friendly service to all of our customers. If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic regions of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware or the District of Columbia, give us a try and we’re sure you’ll have a satisfying Paint Dash experience. Call a store near you to order your first free same-day delivery – we deliver 3x a day to our customers.