Confident whites

007 City Center*
008 Chillax*
001 White Shadow*
015 Metro
010 Health Nut
009 On Point*
014 On Point*
006 River Stone*
005 On Point*
100 Super White (Eggshell)
100 Super White (Semi-Gloss)

Your Color, Your Style

Confident Whites have many advantages as paint color choices. They are colors which are livable, flexible, and classic. They literally work with any decorating style! Whether you are modern, traditional, eclectic, or love rustic country charm— an off-white backdrop is the ideal way to achieve your personal look.

Naturally Appealing

Confident Whites create a canvas that highlights the best features of a room. These colors are the perfect way to bring attention to important design elements, floors, trim, and moldings.

Decorating Flexibility

Working within the Confident Whites collection you are able to change style and design in any way you want, even from room to room. The variety of tones and shades allows you to create a modern and classic design with the timeless look that impresses.

Set the Stage to Sell

Natural, airy, soft olors make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in a space because the colors fit a wide array of tastes. The Confident White palette is easy on the eyes, does not distract, and pairs well with popular pure-white trim and color accents too.