How to Avoid Costly Repairs

Photo Credit: Hartford Homes

Preventative maintenance spans further than cars and boats. Homes and offices are subject to all manner of deteriorating forces both inside and out. To keep them in great shape, ensure they are serviced with high quality paint regularly.

Paint as a protector
Paint serves as the first line of defense against outside elements affecting the physical structure of a building. Over time, weather, pests and even sunlight can degrade the appearance of a home or office. Without restoring the protective coating that paint provides, this degradation can continue unchecked.

A few seasons of neglect can result in compounding issues. These could include a buildup of dirt, mildew, cracked caulking, rot, reduced aesthetics and water damage. Preventative maintenance is very inexpensive when compared with the cost of fixing these problems.

Keeping it clean
Pressure washing a structure is a good way to remove dirt, mildew and mold from the exterior of a building. Cleaning an average 1,500-square-foot home can cost up to $600 for the labor and materials. If mold or mildew is detected, special chemicals will have to be used to remove them. This can increase the cost and time it takes to complete the process. Mold remediation can range in cost from $1,000 to over $6,000 depending on the size and extent of the damage.

Water damage
Paint that is in good condition prevents rotting damage from happening by shedding water. Water damage is caused by paint cracking over time and allowing water to seep into the frame of the structure. Wood that accumulates more than 20% moisture will rot. Repairing a water damaged frame can be extremely expensive. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs may run anywhere from $2,000 to higher than $10,000.

Seal up cracks
Cracked caulking can be a nuisance or a serious problem depending on where and how it occurs. Cracks in window, door or roof caulking can be a source of HVAC leakage, making it cost more money each month to heat or cool your building. This also puts additional wear and tear on all HVAC components, such as blowers and condensers. Cracks can also be a site for water intrusion, leading to water damage and rot as discussed earlier. The cost of re-caulking an average-sized home ranges from around $150 to $400. This is a huge bargain when considering the alternatives if water begins to damage the structure.

Made To Resist
When protecting buildings, we recommend painting with McCormick Brand Paints. Whether on a home or office, McCormick Paints’ products are specifically formulated with durability and protection in mind. That’s because they understand the harsh climate conditions of the Mid-Atlantic region and engineer their paints for best in class performance in those conditions.

The Generation Line by McCormick Paints is an exceptional choice when looking for a protective and durable product for preventive maintenance. Generation LX Exterior is a top of the line ultra-premium, latex product that has mildew resistive properties and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Easy application, multiple tint bases to create virtually any hue, and self-priming features makes the Generation Line by McCormick Paints the clear choice for preventive maintenance for homeowners and professionals alike.

Help prevent buildings from requiring expensive repairs. Sound preventative maintenance and increasing curb appeal are both advantages of using McCormick Paints. It’s protection that saves time, money and worry.
If you have any questions about preventive maintenance or which McCormick Paints’ brand is right for your home or office situation, send us your question and we will get back to you with the right advice.