2020 Color Trends

Whether you want to light up your design space or completely reinvent your style, celebrate the new decade with these fresh ideas and exciting paint trends!

Innovation meets industrialization

Welcome 2020 with a space that embraces advanced technological workspaces while preserving the cultural richness of the industrial past. Create an innovative room or office with freshly white-painted walls, cabinets and trim, giving you a modern yet neutral base to let your creativity fly.

Accent a wall with a geometric 3-D design using vibrant paint colors of various tones for a multi-dimensional effect. Add nostalgic, old-world charm with rich red brick and dark brown woodsy stains for the industrial and atelier feel, or decorate ceilings and walls with mixed metals and visible support beams for a harmonized blend of the old and new eras. The combination of vintage and contemporary accents compliment each other nicely and can give your space a timeless elegance.

Make it selfie-ready

The phenomenon of taking photos, selfies and posting photos online leads us well into the next decade. Promote commercial spaces such as hotel lobbies and restaurants with photo-ready areas – a photo op spot will surely satisfy social media fans. You can create warm and moody walls by using colors such as beige, soft mauves and subtle grays to provide neutral backgrounds for camera subjects. Add splashes of colorful design and trim with vibrant magentas or violets to create interesting focal points and background accents.

Let the outdoors in

You can capture the purity and serenity of nature by incorporating its organic colors to make your design space an extension of the outdoors. Let the sun fill a room by using yellow paint colors and white trim for a warm, calming sensation.

Include rich greens and soft browns to imitate the natural land and create a perfect color space for greenhouses and sunrooms. Try varying shades of brown or blue paint to mirror the sandy beaches and tidal fronts outside, too. You can also add a water feature, like a wall fountain that trickles water down bedrock, for a unique focal point that emphasizes the natural atmosphere of the room.

The 2020 color trends collection

McCormick Paints presents its 2020 color trends collection, a perfect palette of colors for design trends in the new decade. As highlighted in the above trends, the neutral colors, muted tones and vibrant hues of this collection capture the new decade’s innovative design and the artful balance of individuality and natural beauty.

The color trends collection features the Color Guild Color of the Year, “Lioness 0864.” A warm, golden yellow, Lioness is an exuberant choice, representing bold and brave independence with wild sophisticated charm. Experience the stylish warmth that connects humanity, challenges the status quo and invigorates the design space. Crisp and illuminating, Lioness symbolizes the fresh start of modern confidence the new decade brings.

Color your world

Whether you desire rustic or eclectic, coastal or industrial, modern or traditional, McCormick Paints offers a wide range of colors to find the perfect vibe for your space. Explore the 1320 shades in the Color Is system that spans the color spectrum from off whites to deep shades to vibrant hues.

Choose with confidence using the Color Visualizer to view your project in real life and see your imagination become a legitimate design.

Expert solutions and advice

McCormick Paints is an expert in color design technology and provides tools and color solutions to help customers make the best choices. Their team of experts provides recommendations and technical assistance to homeowners, design professionals, property managers, and residential and commercial building contractors.

Quality you can trust

McCormick Paints (“The Paint the Pros Use”) is a preferred paint manufacturer for many homeowners, designers and building contractor professionals. With over 57 years in the industry, they produce the highest quality paints at their zero waste operations and 100% recyclable manufacturing plants.

From paints to primers, wood stains to spray equipment and everything in between, McCormick Paints is a one-stop paint shop. They have everything you need to complete your project.

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