Interesting Paint Color Trends 2019

2019 is halfway over – the perfect time to take a pulse on color trends thus far. Popular colors change from season to season, especially because natural weather changes can influence what catches our eye. Here’s what we’ve seen as summer kicks into high gear and heads toward a new fall season.

Curb Appeal, Exterior Colors | Siding: Foxhall Green 202; Trim: Putty Hill 442; Shutters & Door: Super White 100; created using our Color Visualizer Tool

Color trends in 2019

The color options here reference colors in our extensive catalog and can be found online in our Digital Fan Deck. Simply search for the color name we recommend and you can view it and similar colors in its “family.”

  • Natural green. This bold green makes for a fantastic accent wall. Foxhall Green (202) is a natural, harmonious color that can whisk you away to an open meadow. It’s exciting, refreshing and perfect for any home.
  • Lively lilac. Inject some life into a room with a nice muted purple. Odyssey Lilac (1218) would be an amazing compliment to many darker hues. You won’t be able to resist smiling every time you walk into a room that incorporates the lilac colorway.
  • Versatile neutrals. Neutrals never seem to go out of style. They can complement bold accent colors or promote a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Oak Tone (0217)  is an excellent exterior color choice this year. Its earthy tone is perfect for highly trafficked living areas.

Painter’s white. Nothing lends a rustic charm quite like a good white. Super White (100) is a strong choice with slight undertones of warmth that evoke the imagery of white picket fences and the American dream.

Curb Appeal, Exterior Colors | Siding & Trim: Super White 100; Shutters: Smokey Pewter 470; Door: Blood Moon 141; created using our Color Visualizer Tool

Good front door color ideas

The front door is something the eye is naturally drawn to and provides significant curb appeal which is why McCormick Paints developed a color palette for the best exterior paint colors. Choose the right color to match your home and it makes for an impressive total package. Here are some ideas:

  • Dark brown. This classic option fits well with homes made of stone or siding. Look into our Deep Forest Brown (224) or Film Noir (0144) color and go from there.
  • Deep red. It’s not just for accent walls. The red hues look fantastic against white or brick homes. Try Blood Moon (141) and we think you’ll agree its name is appropriate. Wild Rose (0066) is a recommended shade for leaving a lasting impression.
  • Black. Black doors look refined on a brick or older home. Black (200) is a terrific option for those wanting to go that route.
  • Blues and Teals. While certainly not for everybody, teal is becoming a popular front door color for those wanting to add more excitement to the look of their house. If you have yellow or white siding and want to make a statement, look into Blessed Blue (0667) or Thomas Point (148).

Curb Appeal, Exterior Colors | Siding: Williamsburg 227; Exterior Trim & Shutters: Super White 100; Door: Susquehanna 243; created using our Color Visualizer Tool

No matter what color speaks to you, McCormick Paints has it covered. Not only do we have many color options, we have the ability to create micro-palettes and provide them to builders, painters, contractors and homeowners. 

If you look through our swatches and find 10 colors you love for front doors, schedule your appointment with our color expert. It’s easy, fun and helpful. Look through more than 1,300 shades in our Digital Fan Deck today and get exactly what you want. Contact our team for your complimentary color consultation and start painting!