How Colors Help Set the Stage When Selling or Renting

Getting a house or living space onto the market – whether it’s for renting or selling – can be a challenging task. We’ll cover how property managers, real estate agents and stagers can use McCormick Paints’ Confident Whites color card to stage the perfect home.

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What is the Confident Whites color card?

Confident Whites are 11 carefully selected paint colors that McCormick Paints manufactures and curates for a paint card. This Confident Whites Color Card is a natural go-to resource for real estate agents, stagers and designers who are decorating an interior living space. 

The colors are specifically tailored to make any living space appealing to a buyer, whether it’s a home, office, business or apartment. Decorating with Confident Whites offers a multitude of ways to add character to your space.

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How using the Confident Whites makes a living space more appealing

Colors in the Confident Whites color card, such as On Point, Chillax, Metro and Super White, are all great to use when staging a living space, where the focus should be on the design and contours of the space itself. 

The last thing you want a potential buyer to concentrate on is how the bathroom is painted fuchsia or the kitchen is painted maroon. Instead, you want to draw attention to the space itself and how the buyer would inhabit it.

A serene, non-intrusive color palette creates a feeling of calm and allows home viewers to project themselves into a living space easily. Colors such as Chillax, for example, enable viewers to imagine themselves in a living area and truly breathe into the design of the room.

Mitchell & Best using Confident White Color Card: Super White (Semi-Gloss) 100

Additionally, the colors in the Confident Whites color card act as a great background to highlight show-stopping elements of a living area. For example, more and more living spaces are being outfitted with smart appliances such as refrigerators and stoves. Modern architecture is also being incorporated frequently, often accenting the design of an interior or exterior.

The Confident Whites palette perfectly emphasizes such elements. It allows centerpieces such as cutting-edge devices or high-end furniture to stand out in a living space and become the focus of a showing. Additionally, it enables interiors to showcase architectural edges, balancing the way light enters rooms without washing out details.

Another great thing about the Confident Whites palette is that it works with any color design. While its colors brilliantly offset attention-grabbing, colorful furniture, they also complement more neutral pieces. This enables stagers to completely control the feel of a room painted with the Confident Whites colors, quickly creating both eye-catching and soothing interiors within the same living space.

Ultimately, there’s no better palette for staging a living space than McCormick Paints’ Confident Whites color card. If you’re a property manager, stager, painter or real estate agent looking for the perfect palette, McCormick Paints should be your first stop. We’ve been helping our clients find the ideal colors for almost 60 years, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. To learn more about how we can help you, visit our website.